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Vacation Time!!!

August 21, 2008 – Comments (0)

Well, after studying for a while, I've added a few new picks, closed out a few that weren't mine that had creeped into positive teritory, and hopefully I can vanish for a few days.  I'll be gone a week, lounging on an island completely away from civilizaton.  I can't wait.  If CAPS implodes over the next week, o well.  Not many of my current plays or short term anyways.  [more]



Ouch......a lesson on what not to do in CAPS

August 12, 2008 – Comments (10)

A CAPS adventure:   [more]



Mergers and Market Rebound

August 01, 2008 – Comments (2)

Ahh my favorite time of the year, particularly when so many structure the deal in terms of stock + cash.  What does this mean for the average investor?  Nothing, the average investor is an idiot.  What does it mean for those of us with half a brain?  That with a little patience, a margin account, and the ability to do basic merger analysis, we can easily have insanely outsized returns on the year.  As things stand now, if my portfolio does NOT return at least 25% by December, I'm doing something seriously wrong.  (I'm hoping to top 100%, but that depends a lot on how quick some of these deals get processed.).  [more]



CAPS Scoring

July 29, 2008 – Comments (10)

When reading through numerous blogs on CAPS (e.g. avoiding work), I noticed a prevailing theme about "reloading."  In case there are actually those out there who read my entries, I figured I'd give my two cents.  [more]




July 22, 2008 – Comments (0)

Not that one day matters at all, but out of the 11 picks I entered over the past two days (all of which were largely to test portions of CAPS scoring), 9 are down today, handing me my single worst one day performace to date.    [more]

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