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XMFHelical (< 20)

August 2009



Healthcare Reform - Lets take that one step back now

August 27, 2009 – Comments (2)

Healthcare reform has always followed the 'Frog in a Well' paradigm.  Progress is often balanced by setbacks.  I think it is great that there has been so much dialougue of late on the topic, but if one thing has been made clearest, it is just how uninformed we are regarding the costs and issues surrounding healthcare.  Government has itself to blame for this, as healthcare is delivered (at least to the employed) in a manner so as to make its costs as invisible as possible.  [more]



What 'we' really think about healthcare reform

August 13, 2009 – Comments (6)

It is getting a bit tiresome isn't it.  Loads of propaganda from all sides as to what healthcare reform is and what we supposedly do and don't want.  [more]

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