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kinosternon (99.41)




August 27, 2010 – Comments (0)

TMFJake and TMFBent:  I've got another dandy for you (RMCP.OB).  This one comes from StockWatchAlert.  Hope your score big with it.  kinosternon  [more]



Message for TMFStockSpam: MINED.OB

May 27, 2010 – Comments (1)

TMFStockSpam:  [more]



What about IncrediMail (MAIL)?

May 26, 2010 – Comments (3)

I've been following this one for a little while.  I would never use their product ( but I see how it would appeal to a particular, rapidly growing demographic.  I think they have a good balance sheet.  Zero debt and over $3.00 cash per share.  Good sales growth, good return, good profit margin.  It's currently not rateable on CAPS but I'm considering adding it to my real money portfolio.  Can anybody talk me out of it?  [more]



I Failed China

May 18, 2010 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: CELM , YANG , JST.DL

I tried my hand at a few Chinese stocks such as AOB (-17), HQS (-27), CSKI (-22), TPI (-11), CELM (-23), JST (-43), DYP (-15 and counting) and failed miserably.  I did some due diligence (or dud diligence in my case), and many were also 4 and 5 star stocks.  But, alas, woe is me as they sunk deeper and deeper.  Then, it struck me, a brilliant idea. why not pick a China Bear ETF for my Chinese exposure.  Brilliant, I thought, so I did just that and picked CZI... to outperform (-2 and counting).  Yes, you read that correctly, I forgot to select the "underperform" button when making that pick.  Fortunately, none of these were/are in my real money portfolio.  Perhaps I should try my hand at failing Europe, Brazil, or India.  Any suggestions?  [more]



British Petroleum (BP) and Transocean (RIG)

May 04, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: BP , RIG

To all you Fools who are following BP and RIG.  There has been a fair bit of discussion about these companies and I'm learning daily.  I just received an email from a friend with a PDF file attached with information about the construction and operation of these offshore rigs.  The short file included info about the several failsafe mechanisms, as well as info about the magnitude of the explosion.  There are a number of photos with the file as well.  [more]

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