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Your infidel friends of Canada don't believe in your $US!!!

June 05, 2009 – Comments (12)

Your infidel friends of Canada, who are your only true friends because they are 90% alike to you, not even they believe in your country! There is an investor radio show in Canada who last year said to sell all commodity stocks because of impending recession will impact them really bad. I despised him for his prediction but he turned out correct!  [more]



Negative Interest Rates Will be Next!!!

December 16, 2008 – Comments (9)

The infidels have no control! They will cut interest rates again! To a negative!!!! Obama will ensure hyperinflation so his socialist policies of every infidel must have a job! American infidels do not have jobs because they are inferior! Uneducated, fat and lazy!!!  [more]



Tata Motors will rise to stardom!!!

November 24, 2008 – Comments (20) | RELATED TICKERS: TTM

Tata Motors has been my first non-commodity long pick in a very long time! It is an opportune time to buy it! The American infidels have proven they are failures. It is time for a new generation led by the greatest minds of the third world to build cars that the world truly needs and understands! Not wasteful cars or trucks that are overpriced!   [more]



The immoral, lazy and uneducated nation of Canada!

November 17, 2008 – Comments (42)

Infidel kdakota630 is quite insistent I talk about Canada. So I will! Some know I am in Canada, working for a large company. This is not by choice, but by orders of my uncle. I do not need to hear about how I should leave, I know this already! That is my goal! But while I am here I will do what I can to improve my position, my family and my beliefs!

I have learned some things here. Canadians like to think they are different, but they are mostly the same as Americans. In some ways worse! The are obese, greedy, racist and war mongerers just like Americans. Except for being proud of warmongering they are embarassed of it and call it peace keeping. They want seperate schools for blacks, they want to deny the rights of a Muslim family to obey Shariah Law, and they allow disgusting abominations disguised as marriages to take place.

The worst part of Canada, by far, is math skills. I have 2 sisters in high school, one in university level education and I cannot believe how far behind Canada is! In my country, it is true most girls do not go to school. This is not to treat women as animals as described in the warmongering media, but to safe scarce resources for education of boys and girls are in the household. Some countries still have correct thinking of the family unit, not everyone for themselves garbage like North America!

My uncle taught my sisters at home. He is not an educator but a farmer. Yet my sisters are far ahead in math studies compared to Canada! I do not understand what is wrong with this country! I learned algebra at age 10 to 11, and calculus age 13 to 14. This country is 5 years behind in both! And the children do not understand. My sister in grade 9 says half of the class failed their tests! And much of it is simple addition, multiplication and subtraction! How can a farmer from a so-called backwards and poor country teach math years advanced to Canada, a so-called first world nation with many resources! Maybe the Canadian soldiers should return home and "liberate" Canada from its own stupidity because it is clear they have serious problems here!

This will be the ultimate downfall of Canada, not trade relations with America! I do not know America's education system in depth but I assume it is similar with math skills! Canadian infidels just wish to work at GM for 40 years under a union instead of learning and improving themselves! Those jobs belong in the third world, to give other people a chance to improve themselves like America and Canada did 100 years ago. Not for protectionism here! North America is supposed to have new, better jobs but the people are not smart enough to handle them.

What happened to walking on Mars? This was supposed to be done years ago! In the movie Back to the Future from 1985 there is flying cars 30 years beyond in 2015. We are 6 years away and they can only start making cars that don't run on oil! The only standard of life improvements are little music devices and phones that have music on them and televisions with little bit better resolution! This is not true progress!!!

Canada is an expert in mediocrity! Mediocre in good times, mediocre in bad. This means there is not too much variance in the economy. There are three types of industries I see in Canada:

1. Mining and Agriculture
2. Very large companies like government, banks and utilities
3. Export companies

Mining will be strong with inflation. Even if there are jobs lost because of low oil prices short term, it is only in Fort McMurray. There is much scum people in this area so there will be much crime and violence but that does not affect all of Canada.

I work for a very large company. One of the worst financial performers recently. They instituted programs to safe money through firings, but it is that less than 100 people were fired, the rest are through natural attrition. If this is what the worse financial performers can do, the others will not fire much either. Executives are very slow and lazy, and are happy to be mediocre. By the time they act in a drastic measure it will be high inflation and much people will have happy times with their worthless fiat currency and their mediocre jobs!

Export companies are in the most danger. But they have already been destroyed either by the high Canadian Dollar or by terrible companies. How can GM get any worse? Years ago it has been expected they will close down! So when it does there will be no big shocks. How can forestries get any worse? Every few months there is an election, either for provincial or federal in Canada. Every time the NDP socialist garbage representative talks about the forestry people and what Canada should do to safe their jobs! Maybe they should talk about how they should complete their grade 8 education and learn to compete in the global economy! After all this grade 8 education is equivalent to 9 or 10 years old children in Afghanistan!!!

kdakota630 there is no need to worry over your precious Canada in these few months! Your jobs with the government will be safe, your jobs with TD, Royal Bank, Enbridge and Rogers will be safe. And your jobs with GM and forestries have already been destroyed in good economic times! What you need to worry about is long term! Canada will always move along in an unproductive and mediocre manner until all third world countries will eventually surpass it in economic productivity and educated human capital. Canadians better all learn how to use a pitchfork, shovel and helmet with a light on it since they obviously cannot learn how to do math!!!  [more]



Infidels Complain About My Accuracy Score!

November 14, 2008 – Comments (9)

There are some infidels, who complain about my accuracy. They are jealous of my mastery of capitalism! They like to deny that I have made much money or I am undeserving of a top score on Caps!

I close out short picks when they are profitable for a good reason! I never in real life short stock, that is a stupid way to do things. You can lose more than 100%! Look at Volkswagen in Germany recently! I would only buy put options. For example, I buy a put option at $40 strike. The stock goes down to $30, I will close this option position to lock gains! If I wish to further short that stock, I will buy the put with a $30 strike with less money used but still same downside potential.

Infidel FarelessWorrior blasphemes me in this blog below

In this blog it is concluded that I do not deserve my accuracy score! Today I have 512 ended picks, only 6 are minus points! Many people use my strategy into hundreds of closed picks. They also have dozens of bad picks! They blindly short everything, then many are bought out and they lose. Or the stupid infidels who short DRYS, gave up, and closed it at -400 points when they could have positive now! Some stocks I have shorted 10 times and right on all 10! I deserve the accuracy because my ability on closed picks in unmatched!

Then there is infidel goldminingXpert, who is the final infidel on my favourites list to target to overtake when I reach back into the top ten. He complains about my refusal to close Big Lots:

At this time I had 120 points negative on Big Lots. What he did not mention is that I did successfully short that stock 7 times prior! If I had option positions on it there is a good chance I made much money. It went from $24 to $14. Then this final position would expire worthless but I already made the money so it is still good! Now the -120 points is -70 points. I am not so stupid to close a garbage stock like infidels who closed DRYS at -400! I will never close garbage like DLTR, MTH or PLCE at such high prices!

This is the risk I take to build up accuracy in shorts that I am confident will be worthless! It is valid to get accuracy points on stocks several times because that leaves exposure of losses in points if it returns to breakeven only! I shorted C(sh)itibank 10 times from $50 to $10 so I deserve much accuracy and points because few infidels could believe their bank drops so much!

Infidel AresFinancial despises that it is imminent I will surpass his rating although he has 10000 points more. He "chases points". What a hard strategy that is! I could close ZINC at -50 points and reopen at $3.30. It returns to over $16 and I will achieve over 400 points! I gained 350 points and only lose 1/7% of an accuracy score! Hurray for me what a pointless strategy for real life I just did! I cannot imagine how much of his nearly 2000 picks are achieved this way!  [more]

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