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positioning for Earnings Season

April 15, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EBAY , SOHU , GE

ABT Call May 47.5 currently at 44.8 earnings annonce in the AM...good earnings = in the money
BAC Call May 12.5 options currently at 10.09 was at 11, yesterday ride the waves
Ebay May call $16 currently at 14.38, earnings 4-22 skype  on the move, better than expected earnings? .36 would be nice callin for .33
T May call $27 currently at 25.28, earnings on 4-22 earnings  have all been under the estimated for the past 8q if they can hit .48 or .49 should be good: might buy some puts to hedge this one
SOHU may call $55 currently at 49.84 earnings on 4-27 buy more into this if it dips more. look for 1.25 on the earnings average .98. Lets see this stock hit $60 maybe even $65...then sell.
GE currently at 11.5 needs a good earnings if they can get to $14, I'm golden shelayleighed. Earnings Friday. est. .21 if they hit it should be good.

Lets hope for a good couple of weeks. If i hit 3 of 5 I'll be upto $15, 5 of 5 would be very nice....and a little more Dow chemical would be nice too.  [more]

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