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January 2012



I Swear Cramer Should Stop BSing his viewers

January 30, 2012 – Comments (16) | RELATED TICKERS: ARCC , NLY

Time of the month for me paying my bills and I happened to have MadMoney on.  Usually I watch NCIS reruns or American Pickers  but I didn't change the channel.  Cramer is doing his lightening round segment, a segment I despise, and the stock questioned is ARCC.  My ears perk up since I happen to own it.  And what does he do?  He compares a BDC (ARCC) with a Mreit (NLY), 2 completely different companies in completely different sectors.  [more]



CVM redux

January 26, 2012 – Comments (9) | RELATED TICKERS: CVM

I once posted about CVM as a potential major multi bagger here:  [more]



ABHD.OB a pump and dump or potetnial investment?

January 18, 2012 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: ABHD

I was listening to Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg radio and she had the ceo of a company called Abtech Holdings discussing what his company does.  Basically it owns a water cleaning system called smartsponge. What caught my interest was the mention of Waste Management's involvement and his mention of expected revenue for 2012 of 17-20 million dollars.  I then looked at the stock action and was amused that the stocked jumped from .54 to .78 right after his appearance on the show.  I fully expected it to retreat which it subsequently did.  [more]



How many years does it take before a Double Dip Recession can no longer be one?

January 10, 2012 – Comments (20) | RELATED TICKERS: WSHLY , E , N

For years now I kept hearing the threat of "double dip" recession.  And for years now it hasn't happened.  Eventually we will see one just from the cylcical nature of things, but when does the "double dip" one can no longer be?  The likes of Roubini, and Schiff and Whitney have for years kept threatening us with one.  And for years now they have been wrong.  It's been more than 2 1/2 years since GDP growth has turned positive, and expectations are that it should continue to be by the data that keeps streaming out.  [more]

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