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May 2008



An Investor's Goal

May 25, 2008 – Comments (3)

I like to invest.  I am very bad at trading (mainly because I am spineless and pull the trigger too soon).  I was always like that at the casinos too. If I ONLY I let it ride one more hand. I started playing the market end of March.  My plan was to invest mostly in high dividend paying stocks (minimum 3%) with 5 year capital appreciation potential.  I figured no matter how the market went in the short term I was still pulling in those dividends.  So off I went trying to build a portfolio.  Most of my picks here I own (some I don't but I wanted). Every pick I have made I believe in (I am not interested in "winning" any ratings game here).  I accept the fact that I will not be right 100 pct of the time.  I try to think in terms of 5 years from now.  That ain't easy.  [more]

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