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May 2011



HBO's "Too Big to Fail"

May 23, 2011 – Comments (2)

One reason why I was hoping the end of the world prediction for 5/21/2011 would not come to pass was so I could see the HBO movie "Too Big To Fail."  Personally I thought they did an excellent job in casting.  I did laugh tho when Tony Shalhuab used his hands a bit in some scenes (reminded me of "Monk" heheh). Three scenes I thought said it best.  Frist, was when "Paulson" and crew tried to explain in simple terms what happened. Second, when "Bernanke" basically told "Pelosi" and company that failure to act would result in a crisis worse than the Great Depression.  And third, the end, when "Bernanke" mused with Paulson the banks will lend won't they.  [more]

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