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November 2008



Crash Coming?

November 20, 2008 – Comments (2)

Tomorrow's play at the end of the day will be telling.  It really is looking like a crash is coming If the Dow doesn't get back over 8k.  We keep hearing how stocks are cheap, yet they keep getting cheaper.  The one big difference between this crash and the one is that many of these comapnies are still PROFITABLE. Aside from industry specifics like housing, financials, most sectors are turning profits and expect to turn profits even next year as well.  Personally I am giving up.  I am keeping my existing portfolio as is for 5 years just to see how it ultimately turns out.  But I am done.  Wish all the very best.  [more]



Tired of the Shell Game

November 12, 2008 – Comments (1)

So the main argument behind the bailout was to purchase bad assets, get them off the bank's balance sheets, create a market for them, and slowly unwind them (hopefully reworking the one's worth reworking).  Sounded like a daring plan and one that might have helped.  Now we are told, after the bailout plan was passed, that that is not going to be done.  Instead they will just give more money to the banks and basically hope they will lend.  Market reaction?  Down near 300 points.  Let's retest those lows and come November 15 people will want to seek redemptions which will then pressure the market further.  [more]

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