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Welcome to 2009, it will be another year of a fear and greed driven market.

January 28, 2009 – Comments (0)

Fear is keeping people from spending, driving stocks lower and lower, and greed is pushing the day traders to inflate the otherwise downward trend of the market. The main driving force of most of the market is day traders. You have the day trading sharks on one hand, and the day trading minnows on the other. The sharks are the ones making money, and the minnows are the ones going broke.   Watch most any stock, once the price is driven up, the sharks come in and take the profit and run. The minnows are the ones who are feeding the sharks with their hard earned, but easily lost investment dollars.  Once a minnow catches on to why he is going broke, he starts to transform into a shark. Once we have a greater ratio of sharks to minnows, the trading will slow, just like the economy dictates.  [more]

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