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portefeuille (98.67)

October 2013




October 22, 2013 – Comments (20)

update of the usual figure displaying the S&P 500 index (see this post).  [more]



the reason of CAPS

October 03, 2013 – Comments (25)

It is hard to say whether CAPS has had a net positive or a net negative effect on the finances of its players. If you look at the number of recommendations a typical "The p/e of the S&P is above 100" post got in 2009 and at the fanaticism of the gold mining experts in 2010/11 you might fear that quite a few players have lost quite a bit, but then again you had people like checklist34 telling you how cheap everything was in 2009 and quite a few brought up the idea that maybe gold is just a shiny metal ;)  [more]




October 01, 2013 – Comments (1)

I just noticed that my main players have now reached a combined score of more than 50k.   [more]

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