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March 2008



LNUX Shareholder Value at a Tipping Point - Two 13D filers may be the catalyst...

March 08, 2008 – Comments (0)

What are Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson up to?

So, between Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson 3,818,334 beneficially owned voting shares and Trivium 6,938,147 beneficially owned voting shares they control 10,756,481 or 15.73%* of LNUXs outstanding shares...they can make [it] happen...enough to influence the Board of Directors with their pending decision***regarding Ron Feinblatt's Valentine card to the LNUX BoD.

* based on 68,393,520 Shares outstanding as of November 30, 2007

**Managing Partner, Trivium Capital Management  [more]

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