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July 2007



NOVL Secretariat, Red Hat Sham?*

July 28, 2007 – Comments (0)

As of 5/23/2007 RHT is a short/long NOVL. I am reversing my position given critical mass/issues of facts over the past 90 days and substantive infrastructure (ZENWorks, SAP, DELL, EFF, San Diego School District, Lenovo, Best Enterprise Security Solution, Access Manager, Sentinel...) . Katherine (Jeffries) Egbert is dead wrong again ref/ and this may prove to be the end of her day job. Windows:Microsoft as Linux:Novell. Purchasing linux from Red Hat is like purchasing Windows Longhorn from Jack in the Box vs. Microsoft, assuming Jack in the Box was also a Windows Distro. We are at another turning point in o/s history. NOVL shareholder brand equity is at a tipping point.

Let me take the liberty to take a quote from history, only this time "Big Red" is referring to NOVL SuSE, Sham, well...

"...The morning of the Belmont, "Big Red" was jumping out of his skin he was so fit, rearing and bucking in the walking ring, rolling his eyes and ready to run. Only five horses were entered in the race to challenge him. Secretariat and Sham both went after the lead at the start of the race and engaged in a six-furlong duel, clocked in 1:09-4/5, an incredible time for a mile and a half race, and the fastest such time in Belmont history. The speed duel finished Sham, who was injured and never raced again, coming in last in the race. With no competition but himself, Secretariat ran like the wind, going the mile in 1:34 1/5 and the mile and a quarter in 1:59 flat, faster than his Derby time. He won the race by 31 lengths, an all-time record, while running the 1-1/2 miles in 2:24, knocking 2-3/5 seconds off the track record.

"Secretariat is alone. He is moving like a tremendous machine!" track announcer Chick Anderson yelled. "He's going to be the Triple Crown winner. Unbelievable! An amazing performance. He's 25 lengths in front!"

But then Secretariat began pulling away as he ran the mile in a stunning 1:34 1/5. The Meadow Stable colt reached the mile and a quarter in 1:59, faster than he ran in setting the Kentucky Derby record. Alone, Secretariat wasn't racing against other horses, but against the clock, against history. When he finished the last quarter in a mind-blowing 25 seconds, there wasn't another horse in the same zip code. The magnificent chestnut finished an amazing 31 lengths in front..."

"...It is the morning of May 24th...  [more]



NOVL tech analysis: Management Overbought and Shareholders Oversold?*

July 28, 2007 – Comments (2)

NOVL broke below both its 13 and 50-day ema interesting stochastics, trending to oversold, MACD not holding upward trend but bottomline ---> management appears to be overbought and the shareholders oversold. One has to feel for Nat and Miguel. Truly exceptional individuals and developers. Jaffee, Dragoon et al? appear to simply be out of touch with reality (figments of their imagination, legends in their own mind?) as is substantially the BoD except for possibly Ron Hovsepian, but his hands are tied given the current structure. Shareholder value will remain elusive unless they put NOVL in play now, again, given this management/BoD structure. NOVL has everything they need (see Points 1-7 below) but the only thing that is standing in their way is NOVL itself, their management/BoD...

1. SOFTWARE REVIEW SUSE Linux 10 Nov 14 2005 Average Member Rating, 9, SPECTACULAR,10...

2. "Novell launches next-generation Linux desktop" March 9 2006 "...Then, once companies realize how painlessly they can integrate a Linux desktop into an enterprise dominated by Windows, the trend to use Linux alongside or to replace Windows in the enterprise should catch fire by 2008, Jaffe said.

"I don’t think mass migrations will come until 2007, maybe 2008, but this is the year to really prepare for it," he said..."

3. "Novell: New SUSE desktop ready for enterprise desktops en masse", March 9 2006

"...Infoworld’s Elizabeth Montalbano reports that this isn’t just any old version of desktop Linux. It’s the one that Novell believes could easily displace Windows en masse in enterprises..."

4. "Get ready for the Vista/SUSE smackdown!", May 30 2006 "...I don't see how you can call it as anything except a technical knockout by SUSE. Performance, features, price -- you add it all up and the challenger looks great.

Windows will still be the operating system on the most desktops in 2007, of course. But, I think it's quite possible that more users will buy, download, and install SUSE than those who will buy and install Vista.

Microsoft will trumpet how many people now have Vista -- because the computer vendors will have little choice but to install Vista on their new systems -- but if you look closely at what users do about upgrading their existing systems, I see the Linux desktop, and SUSE, in particular, pulling ahead of Vista..."


5. "BATTLE FOR THE DESKTOP Head To Head: Can Novell SUSE Linux Take On Microsoft Windows Vista?" June 9 2006 "...BOTTOM LINE The basic question here is, can solution providers count on Linux to fill the gaps? The simple answer is yes.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has the feature set, compatibility and flexibility to meet the needs of most corporate desktop users. What's more, at a price point roughly one-tenth of what Vista and Office 2007 will cost, SUSE Linux becomes harder to ignore..."

6. SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is the compelling alternative to Windows Vista "SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 gives business users new reason to consider Linux for enterprise desktops" - Infoworld June 27 2006  [more]

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