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jason2713 (< 20)

August 2012



Romney Endorsing Bernanke - More Hope and Change?

August 23, 2012 – Comments (6)

Ok, ok. I'm still trying to figure out what Romney/Ryan have to offer that Obama's not already bringing to the table. Oh right, they hate gays and want to stop abortion. Sounds solid. Expect big gov't, big deficits, a weakening economy, low interest rates, more civil liberty killing bills and more war no matter who gets voted in.

The system is running our leaders, not the other way around.

I call that following, not leading.  The tail wagging the dog.  I could go on for days.

And even if you're not into politics, and want to ignore it... if you think 2008 was bad, you ain't seen nuttn' yet.  That was a taste for what's to come.    [more]



Exponential Growth of Debt - Bankster Style

August 22, 2012 – Comments (0)

I think we can all agree the economy isn't getting better despite all this borrowing and spending. Let's explore two reasons why massive gov't borrowing has such a large impact on the economy. Politics aside, I'll at least get you thinking.  [more]



The Presidential Budgets/Economic Projections

August 17, 2012 – Comments (5)

All you Republicans clamoring Ryan's budget will save us haven't done the math. Like Obama's budget, Ryan's budget assumes 3-4% growth. Even *if* they get this, which they won't, they still add $3-4T to the debt in their first term.  [more]

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