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dswinters (89.76)

January 2011



No where to hid.......

January 18, 2011 – Comments (2)

The Dow is inching closer to 12,000 and there seems to be some hope in the United States. In the short term, it seems that things have stabilized for the time being. However, the longer term has some major issues that will have to be fixed. If entitlements like healthcare and social security are not fixed, the country will be broke. These entitlements will need to be cut for baby boomers and boomers should be open to these. They have lived through the greatest time to be born in the greatest country.....ever. It is time to do what is right for their children and grandchildren. Work a few more years and get a hold of their spending. We will all have to live in a 'new normal' and it isn't the end of the world.  [more]

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