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dswinters (87.59)

April 2010




April 17, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: F , HOG , JMBA

Recently, I went very long into Oil over the next 3-4 months. Think the summer weather, perception of a healing world economy, and strong fundamentals will push the price back to 100-barrel. Looking for 20-30% return. However, went long and short on several etfs and looking to pump my score up by about 200-300 points and then sell. In addition, think Ford will see some setbacks with higher gas and a huge debt load, but they are still a great company and will sell Ford as soon as they have a small pullback to hopefully the single digits. Harley is a great brand, but at 32/share, it is acting like 2006 when people were borrowing from their homes to buy bikes. In addition to not being able to borrow from their homes, most Harley riders are having trouble finding work and at lower wages meaning less time and money for their Harleys (which they still place a high value on). Like for this one to pullback around 25% and sell. Nestle is a long term buy. Jamba Juice was beaten like hell. Think the stock is worth in the teens but will sell at a double. Will continue to hold my def plays like Berk, PG, JNJ and Tobacco which all print cash and pay solid dividends.   [more]

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