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November 2010



GM: Cost , Job Creation and Doctor Evil.

November 18, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GM

I usually don't get politically. You know, long time listener, first time caller, but today's GM IPO really has me going. At the pace they are selling, they will lose 20 BILLION DOLLARS. That means that each US Citizen is on the hook for $65 bucks (US POP 307 Mill). May not seem like a lot, but would you take 65 greenbacks and light them on fire. Didn't think so. Anyway, GM has around 200,000 jobs with hardworking people employed at this once global powerhouse, but 20 BILLION DOLLARS to save 200,000 jobs means that the Taxpayer is paying 100,000/per GM job. Wow. Why don't we give 20 billion to small business owners and startups. Bet they could generate 2,3,4,10 fold the jobs that GM have. In addition, if GM went under all those jobs would not be lost. Understand that GM can still be a great company again. They also have some exciting products coming out, but think about the owners of the company, the shareholders would have nothing to show for decades of profits and corporate mis-management. Whoa to you American Government. This isn't a slant to the folks that work at GM. It really isn't their fault that poor management and direction was their downfall. How can a line workers or a marketing manager really dictate the fate of the company, they can't? It starts at the top. A company has to view itself as house and be built bottom up. Management has to set the foundation with a great plan and culture that must catch fire with the rest of the organization.  [more]

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