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August 2011



NSC vs. Irene (Thinking Outloud)

August 26, 2011 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: NSC , CSX , CNI

From Virginia to Maine it's going to be ugly and NSC's infrastructure is going to be under attack. NSC is a fine company but may find itself flooded, undercut and tree-laden for a week or more. In my opinion this will lead to NSC taking a hit to the bottom line and thus the share price. The upside I see is NSC will be positioned well to help distribute building materials to the areas that will be in need of repair. Catch it on the way down and on the way up. I may be wrong about the next 48 hours. But as the title of the blog says I'm thinking outloud.  [more]



How I got myself in trouble because of a eReader and a lack of sleep.

August 18, 2011 – Comments (19) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN , AAPL , BGPIQ.DL

Last night my wife downloaded an app for her smartphone: a popular eReader. After some searching she was able to find and download a eBook for free/no cost/zilch. She giggled a bit and said, "That is so cool! I just downloaded a book to my phone for free." Maybe it was the late hour or the accumulation of lack of sleep due to having a newborn in the house I said to her without taking my eyes off the TV, "You just shoveled dirt onto your precious Borders and slapped Barnes and Noble across the face." There was silence. A long silence. I was not aware just how long the silence had been until it was broken by her. "I did not. I bought plenty of books from Borders. And Barnes and Noble can take it. They hardly have any good coupons for their books." Again, due to possibly being overtired, without taking my eyes off the TV I said, "What you did is what hundreds of thousands of others have done: gone digital. Borders died, in part, because of the shift to eReaders. You just poked a fresh hole in the hull of a sunken boat. Barnes and Noble would have appreciated the $5 - $10 purchase by you for that book. Now they don't have that money. Now the library science major they hired last week will be laid off because you failed to keep up your end as a supposed devout physical book buyer." There was another long silence followed by a sigh from her. She said, "Are you trying to deprive me of the joy of my finding a book I want, for free, that I can read using my new app on my phone, any time, anywhere?" "No," I said,"I'm too tired to think in a positive way. Just tell me to go to bed so you can enjoy your new book." "Go to bed."  [more]



It's time to remember our manners, my Foolish friends.

August 15, 2011 – Comments (20)

Over the last week, since the market decided to become bipolar, I have seen an increase in the blogs and comment of personal attacks against fellow Fools. I can understand feeling some anxiety over a downgrade and continued housing market woes coupled with jobless numbers that are demoralizing. What I don't understand is a conscious decision to take out our frustrations and fears in this manner. I ask my fellow Fools to mind your manners and keep this a place of sharing and friendship. In the past I have been guilty of being a jerk and I am speaking to myself as much as I am to those reading this.  [more]



This Panic Is Your Time To Buy.

August 08, 2011 – Comments (23)

This panic is your time to buy.  [more]

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