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February 2009



Conspiracy Theory or Mission Impossible

February 18, 2009 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: AUQ.DL , AUY , ABX

After President Obama signed the spending bill today, the question came to mind:  Is President Obama’s intention to destroy the US economy or is there more to this story?  
Is it possible by wasting Trillions of Dollars to actually rid us of our financial obligations?  Initially, I did not think this was possible, but then I remembered the mathematical concept of imaginary numbers and the solution presented itself.
I am not sure this is legal or ethical, but then we are dealing with the US government, which has the habit of making the rules as it goes along so let me begin:
First, President Obama needs a very large amount of US Dollars, hidden by a mountain of paperwork, making it impossible to trace where the money is actually going.  The recent spending bill provided this.
Next, have the treasury set up a group of fictitious investments companies, which will buy all available gold and gold mining stocks, cornering the market over time.
Next, President Obama signs another massive spending bill (no reason for the spending is needed), which is again funded by the creation of more debt, which is sold to China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.
This last step is repeated multiple times, while the covert purchasing of the world’s gold supply continues.
At some point, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia will no longer be able to purchase the debt.  When that happens, the value of the US Dollar relative to gold and other commodities would plummet.  The US would no longer be able afford to purchase foreign oil or goods due to the marked weakness of the US Dollar.
Those Countries holding US debt would be holding relatively worthless paper, which could only be used to purchase items from the US, since no other country would trust the US Dollar to hold its value.
The reserve currency for the world would then switch to the Yen or the Euro.  Along with gold and the mining stocks, that the fictitious investments companies would be buying, they would also start acquiring the Japanese and European currencies.
Since the Dollar would be made relatively worthless, the US would start pricing US items in the new reserve currency.
The US government would then start purchasing the reserve currency from the fictitious investments companies at very high Dollar prices, further deflating the value of the Dollar.  Part of this purchase agreement would allow the fictitious companies to purchase public land, making it appear that these investment companies are actually making land purchases, which are really just designed to take Dollars out of the economy.
The US government would then starts paying its many employees with the new reserve currency.
Since the US government would have grown to a massive size with all the spending bills, its ability to replace the Dollar would be made much easier because of the all the government payment programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) that would be in existence.
In the end, the US government would have effectively reneged on its debt responsibilities, while using money obtained from China, Japan and Saudi Arabia to buy gold assets that it would eventually need to purchase the new reserve currency and keep the US economy running.  The fictitious investments companies, rich in gold reserves, could continue to purchase foreign oil and independent refineries to create new private energy companies, which would be secretly owned by the US government.
I doubt that the Obama team had this in mind when they pushed for quick passage of the spending bill.

Too bad, because it would suggest that there really is a plan to get us out of this financial mess, even if it is a nefarious scheme.



The New Voodoo Economics: The Bush/Obama Big Bang Theory of Financial Independence.

February 14, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , AUY , SLV

Financial Independence as interpreted to mean: Being freed from the burden of having money.   [more]

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