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January 2009



why I like IBM

January 21, 2009 – Comments (0)

Results matter.  IBM beat estimates again and gave upside guidance.  IThey have done int ib very difficult times.  What is not to like.



How do we help the economy get better? Gradually by creating a budget. which will help many areas in the economy

January 19, 2009 – Comments (1)

   We need to get the economy going again.  We need to focus on doing this.  If the economy doesn't get better we could be in a recession for a long time and with higher unemployment.  So  what is the best way to do it?  Spend, spend, spend? or Tax cuts,tax cuts.  Or do both things-spend and tax cut?  Or is one better than the other. I have heard that spending only should be done.  That tax cuts will not help since it has be done in the past and its was not effective.   Problem is we are in great debt.  The US government is in big debt and so are individuals and busonesses, especially banks.  The banks will not lend, thus creating the credit crisis.  Housing prices have fallen, so not much money there Foreclosures are still a problem and too much housing supply.   If we do Tax cuts not only should individuals receive it but also, businessess need help.  Banks have been given bailouts under TARP but it appears they need more. Is rebates the answer?  It helps but is only a short term solution.  Based on my experience, many small steps are going to be needed  to help the situation.No one large solution will do it. We need to create help in many parts of the economy.  We don't have that many trillions to fix it by one big bailout. Also, the solution needs to be fair. Not only help the people who did bad behavior but don;t forget the people who were not apart of this mess.  For example, people who paid there bills and did not have anything to do with bad loans.  So we need to create growth. Spending will helpbut where will the money come from? We where are we  going toget it.  Borrowing it is what we are going to do.  But there is price that we will pay for this?  Higher taxes down the road and higher inflation.  We need to Regulate where the money goes so  that any stimulus is put to good use not wasted, Savings will help and .Stop putting money where it does no good.  Jobs must be created, rebates should be done again, help businesses so they can spend, keep interest rates low , including morgtage loans  .and have to get off oil ,cause we can't afford to have all that money going to the oil producers when we know that gas prices will only increase  since supply will only go lower.  Alternative energy is the best choice so we can spend the money not on helping the oil producers but to let ourselves become self reliant in energy. So many things need to be done, in many different areas of the economy. We will have to create a budget so all these things are done.  [more]

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