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iksnamyzs (79.97)

February 2008



Pay Attention

February 02, 2008 – Comments (0)

There is a old saynig that goes Don'T Fight The Fed.  I believe that this is a good time to adhere to this slogan.  The stock market is moving up as a result of cheaper money and you should be paying attention to this.  Don't keep your head in the sand. Instead, stay alert.   I know that every one has there own view as to how to play the market.   Some people play the market long-term others play it short-term. Whatever view you have on how to play the stock market when opportunity knocks answer the door. The recent  market  dip has  been  short and nasty..Now when fuel from the fed ( lowering rates) you should be taking notice on what effect this is having on the stock market and go with the up trend.  .  The lowering of the rates will take some time to help the economy but its helping the stock market now. Go with it.  [more]

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