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February 2009



Post a coment on raising or lowering capital gains taxes

February 23, 2009 – Comments (3)

I hope we don't have capital gains taxes  raised because of large government spending.  There is a very  large part of the population that own stocks.  Its not just the rich.  Most people who are working have some kind of retirement plans that allow them to own stocks.  If capital gains taxes are raised I believe most consumers will have less money to spend and result in the economy taking longer to get better,since the economy is based on consumer spending.  Besides, because the stock markets have tanked (gone down 40 to 50 percent) consumers have incurred large losses and it doesn't seem fair to kcik them when they are down. Instead, I believe we should consider lowering the capital gains tax which would help consumers spend their capital gains from stocks sales.  Also, there are just too many loop holes that allow people to avoid taxes, any way.  I just don't think its a good idea to raise these taxes.  I am not against people paying their taxes, its one the main ways to fund government.  I just think there are other options available to the government to raise money to pay for their deficit.   Poll raise capital gains taxes, or lower them? Post a coment.  [more]



Income tax break you may not have heard about.

February 18, 2009 – Comments (0)

If you use the standard deduction  when you do your income taxes this year, you can get up to $500.00 tax credit on top of your standard deduction, if you paid real estate taxes on your principal  house.,  This will reduce the amount of income tax you have to pay and could result in getting  a income tax refund.   I came across this tax break when I sat down to do my taxes. if you are not aware of this you should consider taking advantage of this tax credit..  When we are hearing that the housing market is such a problem and has caused the credit crisis it was nice to fined out that those people who own a house and are paying there real estate taxes, can get some kind of relief.  So the government stimulus plan that gives tax cuts to help solve the housing crisis does help.  Just passing on a way to get $500.00 (money) if you can qualifiy.  [more]



Greenspan speaking at Econominc club in NY tonight

February 17, 2009 – Comments (2)

Some of his statements  he gave during his speech  to the economic club tonight.  " We are going thru a once in a century type of event."  And he says that it will be a while, but,  "We will adjust."  "We are many months  away before  the US economy will stablize." Housing must stablize before the US economy can stablize. "Banks still need help"  :"Global economies are in freefall."  He.said much more than this,   but I was not able to catch all of what he said, because the radio station broke away from what he was saying.  I thought I let you in on some comments he made tonight that I was able to hear.  [more]



update to Acuphere investors

February 17, 2009 – Comments (0)

News.  Acusphere has filed an amendment to its application for it imagify drug with the FDA.  The amendment will be focused on patients where the risks to benefits ratio is more compelling that the broader application  that was originally filed.   According to the article in  this is a sigifificant amendment. and and will delay the  FDA ruling on the imagify drug  to May 31.2009 from the february 28,2009 date.  Also, Acusphere  will defer costs to beyond the May 31,2009 date so they can stay in business and keep funding operations.  Those investors still holding Acusphere should rejoice. There's hope yet.  [more]



Suggestion for handling your budget- an alternative to pay yourself first---pay debt first

February 12, 2009 – Comments (1)

Instead of paying yourself first, try paying your debt first.  Your money will go to where its needed most --(debt) instead of being spending it, or saving it,  or waisting it  or paying interest, or doing something else with it( put it under your pillow).   I f  you pay your debt first , your,  thus, making your debt situation less and thus better for you by increasing the more money you have, to use as you need.  Obviously, if you have no debt, your in the best situation possible and you need not do this.   Just a suggestion on handling your budget.  [more]



A Signal to buying staocks ---when the stock EXPERTS say.and do so

February 09, 2009 – Comments (1)

The experts I'm referring too are Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham (thru  his book. the Intelligent Invester.)  They are both  saying "buy stocks.". Not only is  Warren Buffet saying it, he is doing it.   Benjamin Graham says, in his book, to buy stocks when there is a margin of safety. He means by this to buy when the stocks prices are low.  That's now.  The market is way down, so this  is the margin of safety we been waiting for.  Just my view.  Good luck.   [more]



Beware of the scam Uncle Sam

February 03, 2009 – Comments (2)

II am starting to notice that there are a bunch of people making claims that the sky is falling.. Lots of people  are playing like they are chicken little:  All with the purpose of getting sympathy from uncle sam to try and scam some money from the stimulus plan.   Uncle Sam should make people who are claiming they need money  present  proof  that their need is real.   The (scammers)  are hoping that  uncle sam will just take there word for it. (They could be lying.),  Before uncle sam starts handing out all this monsy I hope that the put in place some way to verify peoples needs' whether the people seeking money be  companies or  state or local goverments or a guy saying he  needs some help. When anyone starts to play Santa claus, just by handing out monsy, I could see a lot scammers  being included in the stimulus plan  asking for their cut of the POT OF GOLD. So verificationis needed before the money is handed out or else  the money will disappear and people will be claiming they need more, all the while having kept the truth hidden that there  need is fake..  [more]

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