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March 2008



Interview with Warren Buffet on sirius radio May 21,08-thought I'd share some tidbits

March 22, 2008 – Comments (1)

Warren doesn't care about what the markets are doing (up or down).  His focus is on the business. He does care about the mangement of a company and would dump anyone immediately if he believes he is not honest. Honesty is big with him.  He was asked how he determines if a manger is honest?  He answered was that he looks at what the manager  does.  He feels most of his 70 managers he has working with him are honest but says that people can change and you just have to watch them to see if they change.for the worst.  None of his 70 managers are women.  All are men.  He believes his replacment will do find because it will be someone with a stake in the company.  He  is not sure which alternative energy will replace oil because of all the choices none has yet come to the top.  He did mention wind has a chance and also,he knows  that T Boone Pickens likes it and is investing in it. Oil price will continue to go up because supply is limited unless more is found and demand is increasing.  PS there was more tidbits  but some things were personal like if he still writes his own checks.  I thought I post some of his answers for those fools who did not hear the interiew on  [more]

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