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iksnamyzs (80.60)

October 2008



In need of a pick- me -upper!

October 25, 2008 – Comments (0)

Both financially and psychologically this Downturn in the stock market is a grooling experience.  I shouldI should could use a rally.



Sign needed

October 12, 2008 – Comments (0)

I never saw the stock market downturn depth coming.  I knew that we were in a bear market but a 22% drop in just one week is unbelievable. Investors panic is hard too grasp.  I never knew everyone in the world could be so emotionally afraid all at the same time.  I was sure someone would keep their head on straight.  It seems that everyone took a big dose of speed all at the same time.  Its amasing.  I hope everyone can get a big dose of greed to turn this thing around. (Something like we saw in 1999 the internet bubble) Anybody got a pill out there we could give them?  If you do, start a business and I will invest in it.  We need a sign that shouts out falling stocks ahead.  This way we could get out of the market  instead of buying before it comes like a lot of people have done.  Thank God, this is only paper losses, if you haven't sold. Only hope I have,since I been blindsided.    [more]

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