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November 2008



Is Yhoo-ebay match possible?

November 09, 2008 – Comments (1)

Now that Yhoo has failed to make a deal with google or microsoft  could ebay  make a deal with yhoo?  Although ebay is not in the business os search, they might be interested in Yhoo's auction business which they are compatible with, even though they are competitiors in this area. They could sell off  part of Yhoo's search  business to Microsoft which it was intersested in before or just keep it and get into the search business.  Ebay would get a boost in auction sails in countries like China and Japan which Yhoo haa a leg up on on Ebay.   Ebay could use a boost in auction sales since growth in this area has slowed in the U.S..  They just picked up (Buy me Later) to  expand its busness in electronic payments. They should consider expanding its auctions busness the same way by buying or merging with Yhoo..Yhoo has stated publicly that they are for sale.  Ebay would expand its business in China and Japan  and elimnate a competitor at the same time. With the deals with google and microsoft canceled now may be a good time for Ebay to make a match.   [more]



Here is How Mr. Buffet's stock portfolio is doing in the current market?

November 03, 2008 – Comments (0)

It has been reported on local news this morning that as of  11/3/09 .mr .buffet"s stock holdings is down  13 billion dollars  as of today's date.  Other Billionares, like Steve balmer, also  named on the news program this morning  are  losing  billions.  Ouch!

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