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iksnamyzs (80.22)

December 2006



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December 16, 2006 – Comments (0)

This post is to explain the lack of blog posts on my part. It's because, My job doestn't permit me to spend a lot of time watching the stock market. Unless I get a day off, or its the weekend when the market is not open or its a holiday and the market might be closed, I usually never know what hppened to the market until after it closes. However, that may not be such a bad thing cause I noticed that if the market is havig a down day I really have not missed much because I don't do any shorting of stocks in my real porfiolio. Although there are a lot of bad stocks, I have not had a lot of success picking stocks going down. Just look at my shorts in caps and you see what I mean. So I say away from shorting. On the days that when the market goes up, I don't feel I missed much by buying the next day. I only feel badly when I failed to buy at all. Example google. Now there's a stock I missed completely. So not watching the market on the same day as everyone else is not such a bad thing cause their are many stocks I got into the with plenty of upside to go. I do feel though I may be at a disadvantage, because of this delay and I assume you already know anything I could posted, since I assume you are waching the market and the market news, all the time. Especially, day traders who have their fingure on the button to buy or sell at a moments notice. So there is my explanation.   [more]

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