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December 2008



How would you describe the current stock Market? I say its DULL

December 25, 2008 – Comments (0)

The stock market  is no longer  dropping like a rock.  Nor is it rocketing to the sky. To me its DULL. By DULL I mean the market appears to have hit bottom and had a slight bounce and is  now going sideways.  Right now I will take DULL-( going sidways)  since it's better than what we have just gone through-Falling like a rock.  I can now catch my breath and stop hyper-ventalating.  I need the break to get my senses back together, so I can try to figure out what we are in for next. So for now DULL is ok. Just my two cents!  which is about all I have left afer the ater the recent stock plunge.  [more]



Acusphere's investors

December 09, 2008 – Comments (1)

Go to fools discussion board entitled Invesmentt analysis/acusphere community on the fools web site to vote in a pole on the site under today's date 12/09/08 whether acusphere's drug imagify will be approved by the FDA on December 10,2008.  Those fool investors still holding acusphere's stock may be interested in seeing what the fool community expects how the FDA will vote tomorrow on the drug's approval  and compare how good they are at guessing the outcome of  the vote will turnout by the FDA..  Directions- go to the fool's disccusions board and click on it, than go to the aphabet and click on I than scroll down to investment analysis and look for the acusphere community , than see today date of 12/09/08. your there.  [more]



Cheers for all the world wide help!

December 07, 2008 – Comments (3)

Yes we are in a recession but you mustn't overlook all the world wide help being thrown at the problem.  Countries all over the world are following the US lead of reducing interest rate, throwing trillons of dollars  at the problem, bailings out businesses, providing stimulus, helping out banks, and investment companies,  turning to alternative energy, providing credit, lower mortgage rates, stopping some corruption, and making CEO's more aware of their responsiblities. Now I know a lot of people are hurting.  Many have lost there jobs, others their investments, many their homes. But we need to geive credit where it;s due.  Without the feds actions and other countries following our lead things could have gotten a lot worst. And don't overlook more help is on the way. So I give thanks for all those people making this massive effort to help shorten the  2008 rescession.  I don't know how long the rescession will last but I do know that without all the help we would have had to endure a lot more pain and for a lot longer time.  So cheers for the help.  [more]

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