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May 2011



CEO Rene Marion Discusses the Future of Gammon Gold

May 31, 2011 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: AUQ.DL , GG , AUY

Please follow this link to the article resulting from my recent interview with Gammon Gold CEO Rene Marion. If you enjoy the content, I thank you in advance for reccing the article at the source.   [more]



You Are Cleared for Re-Entry into Copper

May 26, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: CU.DL , FCX , TGB

Now, just weeks after sounding the alarm, Goldman Sachs is back to sound the all-clear for commodities; particularly copper, zinc, and oil. With that call, Goldman reiterated the very same 12-month price target for copper ($11,000 per ton) that the bank initially forecast back in December, and called the malleable metal "an attractive opportunity." One might reasonably interpret the past six months, then, as something of a head-fake that inserted a pause into the long-term upward trend.  [more]



$2,000 Gold Will Come from the East

May 24, 2011 – Comments (24) | RELATED TICKERS: CEF , GG , AUY

Much has been made recently of the decision by George Soros to sell the vast majority of his fund's stake in the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE: GLD) during the first quarter of 2011, emboldening the predictable chorus of bubble babble that plays incessantly in the background behind gold's symphony of sustained upward momentum. But while Soros and several other fund managers were busy locking in impressive gains from gold, an incredible surge in gold demand from Asia continues to pave a rising concrete floor beneath long-term gold prices.   [more]



The Gold Price is Ultimately a Function of Debt

May 23, 2011 – Comments (18) | RELATED TICKERS: CEF



Is Bill Gross in the House?

May 17, 2011 – Comments (46) | RELATED TICKERS: TBT

Okay, maybe we don't need Mr. PIMCO himself, but surely I can't be the only Fool who feels plainly duped by the wholesale revision to trailing data on foreign holdings of U.S. debt that took place in February. I remember seeing a headline at the time, but only today did I finally return to the data table that I watched so diligently last year, and discover for myself the enormous implications thereof.   [more]



Two Silver Scenarios

May 16, 2011 – Comments (30) | RELATED TICKERS: SIL , CEF , GPL

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this interview with Ross Clark, an investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy in Vancouver.  [more]



Gammon Basks in the Glow of Silver and Gold

May 13, 2011 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: AUQ.DL , IAG , TCPTF

For a fresh look at Gammon Gold through a silvery lens, click here:  [more]



Yamana Just Became 50% More Interesting

May 12, 2011 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: AUY , GG , AEM

With a huge tip of the Fool's cap to David in Qatar (whereaminow) for cracking me up with his use of percentages (someone please link to his post in a comment below if you know which one I mean -- I couldn't find it this morning, but it was hilarious). Anyway, when drumming up ideas for how to approach Yamana's latest announcement if a 50% dividend hike and -- even more bullishly -- a 25% exploration budget hike, the juxtaposition of arbitrary, subjective percentages with factual ones seemed like perfect fodder. Thanks D-in-Q!  [more]



Dry Bulkers Brace for Brutal Impact

May 11, 2011 – Comments (13) | RELATED TICKERS: DSX , BALT.DL , DRYS

If you own shares of any dry bulk industry stock, or for that matter any commodity exposure, you owe it to yourself to listen to Diana Shipping's Q1 conference call, and to consider the resurrected warnings from Diana's astute and seasoned President, Anastasios Margaronis.  [more]



Why Silver Wheaton is Still Going to $100

May 09, 2011 – Comments (19) | RELATED TICKERS: SLW , GPL , HL

And you know that it will:  [more]



Thursday's Precious Metals Watch

May 05, 2011 – Comments (81) | RELATED TICKERS: CEF , GPL , EXK

These are memorable moments unfolding within the precious metals market in recent weeks, with the past couple of days in particular bringing the action to a whole new level of fascination for longtime observers like myself.   [more]



Profit from Silver's Sudden Weakness

May 03, 2011 – Comments (37) | RELATED TICKERS: SLW , SLV , HL

Opinions about gold and silver are a fiat dime a dozen. If you are invested in this space, are you confident that you have acquired a perspective on these markets that will permit you to continue realizing long-term gains and eventually exit the sector with your gains intact? Have you conducted sufficient research and objective analysis in the process of developing your own long-term forecast for gold and silver prices or related trends to drive those prices? If you have not, you will discover same in the midst of a correction when your conviction is tested. That is the whole point of a correction ... to test the conviction of market participants and shake out the weak hands. The result is a far safer and less volatile space in which to invest. Will you be shaken? If so, when, and why? Or will you not be shaken, and join me in realizing epic gains from this sector going forward?  [more]

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