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September 2012



The Pilots Have Landed on the Gold Yet Again

September 19, 2012 – Comments (33)

I know some of you were paying attention in November 2011 when I indicated I was buying Pilot Gold shares aggressively under $1.25 per share, and hopefully some of you locked in a portion of gains near $1.75 in February 2012 when I remarked:   [more]



Ride This QE3 Rocket to $2,000 Gold and $50 Silver

September 14, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: IAG , SAND , EXK

I think I communicated everything I wanted to in this piece, so I'm only going to post the link here for starters, and I look forward to your thoughts.  [more]



The 1 Gold Miner That's Ready to Pounce

September 13, 2012 – Comments (11) | RELATED TICKERS: IAG , AUY

I took a few hours yesterday to survey the balance sheets of every mid-tier gold producer, and I was stunned to encounter such a pervasive pattern of modest liquidity that renders the group unlikely to engage in the sort of consolidation surge that we might otherwise expect to see when an industry is clawing its way back from a 15-year valuation low.  [more]



Did China Just End the Commodity Bust?

September 11, 2012 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BTU , CAT , TECK

China's $150 billion stimulus package announced last week is merely a drop in the bucket. Adding in proposed public investment by several major cities, the tally could reach toward the $1 trillion mark. $1 trillion in infrastructure-focused public investment translates into a whole lot of every key commodity. 4 years ago, the U.S. stimulus package was little more than a glorified road-paving program compared to China's $586 billion build-out that did in fact alter the global baseline for commodity demand for roughly three years to follow. Some version of that is set to begin anew, and I think Fools may want to be aboard with carefully selected vehicles across a number of key commodities. There's a big steel inventory to work through, and likely some sizeable stockpiles of met coal and iron ore to boot, so hard to tell precisely when we'll see an impact on those prices, but I think that impact will be felt. The ensuing base-metal reversal will be a big help to poly-metallic silver producers as well as copper/gold producers.  [more]

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