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August 2007



Ultravolatile Ultrashorts

August 29, 2007 – Comments (2)

A few months ago, I hit on this great idea to pick underperform on a bunch of "Ultrashort" ETFs. Examples include QID, which is designed to double the inverse of the Nasdaq 100 index, and SDS, which doubles the inverse of the S&P 500. This means that if the S&P 500 goes up 1%, then SDS should go down 2%. And vice-versa. My reasoning was that if, as history has shown, the stock market always goes up in the long-term, then these are great long-term shorts. I still believe that.  [more]



Underperforming and underperform picks

August 09, 2007 – Comments (3)

Dang, this last month has been tough for me!  It's been more than a little humbling, since I had essentially been an All-Star ever since I started this CAPS thing, to watch my score go from over 250 to below 0 in about a week, and my rating go from high 90s into the 30s with it. This was mostly due to a few picks really bombing--IVAC, PMTI, AEIS, NFLX, even two of my best came down a lot--LOOP and SNHY. I think this recent scare and small bear market really hit a lot of my small-cap and tech stocks hard. I've learned a few things.  [more]

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