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Silver Rally In Earnest

April 25, 2013 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: SLV , GLD

SLV has taken a beating since peaking at $48.  Yesterday's trading brought price to $21.96 before mounting a comeback and is up 4 1/2% in just two days.  The overshoot of the 61.8% retracement level has been meaningful, so the discount for buyers is very good indeed.  GLD has been racing higher since making it's low on April 15th.

What say ye fools?  Are we staring at the bottom of the silver market?  It looks like it to me.     [more]



Fiscal Cliff Meet Dow Cliff

December 05, 2012 – Comments (0)

     Stocks continued their decline from yesterday's high at 13,087 and have now fallen about 130 pts. from that high. Price is perched precariously upon it's short term white rally line and a good puncture through this line would signal that a steep sell off has begun. Fiscal Cliff meet Dow Cliff!

     What say ye Motley Fools that a very steep decline in stock prices is immediately in front of U.S.?   [more]



Rally in Progress

November 28, 2012 – Comments (1)

     It's always fun to catch market swings at their precise turning points and though I am very late in posting anything about the recent low, I've been kind of busy trading the low instead of writing about it.  It does look like this rally will sell off a bit here, but the rally that began at 12,500 in the Dow is a classic setup for an extended rally to follow.  As a general rule I use a series of technical charting indicators and a checklist, or book, which ranks probabilities as an actuarial.  You'll see what I mean once you see the charts.

     What say the Motley Fool Crowd of this early rally phase?   [more]



This IS the Top: The Sequel

February 12, 2010 – Comments (17) | RELATED TICKERS: DOW , DNDNQ

Tomorrow markets will again begin a new crash, only this time there will be no long drawn out reflex rally as we saw from the March '08 lows.  This one is going to be the famed 'throwing in the towel crash' of legend and will be absolutely brutal.  I have no idea what the alibi will be this time, but I am sure our imaginative Press Corps. will come up with something, or perhaps more to the point events in the world are going to come to a head very quickly.  There is even the possibility of a major nuclear strike against Iran as a result of their continued badgering of the ciivilized world since declaring their Revolution and taking American Hostages in 1979.  Already money managers are closing deals on obtaining cash loans, some of which will be repaid quickly.  This is the famed 'run to the phone bank' that occurs on the floor of the NYSE and is opined of seriously by the legendary speculator Jesse Livermore in his book 'Reminisences of a Stock Market Operator'.  I've done these we will crash posts before and naturally the Bulls will always chime in with their opinions and controversies, but please use your good sense and ignore them.  'Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do."  Here's the link on the last crash call, you be the judge.  I'm just trying to push the poor boy on the bike out of the way of a Bus the moment before he gets hit.  Nemaste'  [more]



This IS the Top.

December 20, 2009 – Comments (23) | RELATED TICKERS: DOW , DNDNQ

You're probably tired of hearing this already, but the evidence has now mounted to the point at which stocks have no place to run or hide.  All angle lines of support have become resistence, all oscillators and summations have been exhausted....and there is nothing left to do but fall in price from here.  Even the Santa Claus Rally, much ballyhooed, has now also run out of time.  No one will be waiting to see what will happen on the last day of shopping before Christmas and the performance of Retailers this year will prove God expected and covered in an earlier post about Macy's and retail in general.  There is probably one more chance at getting stocks sold and shorts and puts attached to portfolios, but that chance will likely end early Monday morning as part of the continuation bounce from last Friday's close.  The rise in volume on Friday was the last missing piece in the puzzle as 480 Million shares were traded on the NYSE as compared to approximately 200 Million per day, on average.  That's a bit more than twice daily volume and shows that investors are already looking to bail  They were just waiting for their Options to expire.  The best place for insiders to hide volume is during Expiration Week, as the 'alibi' is already built in and volume is expected on these trading days....but which volume, and in which direction?.  Whenever stocks rally to a 50% retracement of previous losses, whenever angle lines of support are broken, whenever market breadth turns bearish, and whenever volume rises significantly...look out below.  These events rarely occur simultaneously, but when they do they spell real trouble for share prices.    [more]

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