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stockmktdouble (51.70)

August 2013




August 07, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SUNEQ , UNXL , RDN

I know, its been nearly a month since I updated this diary. Two things-I took a vacation with my family and at the same time took a break from the stock market. And then admittedly when I came home it was too depressing to update because i was getting crushed on my short position. but, nonetheless, I held onto the position because I was steadfast in the belief that SUNE was over valued at $7.80 when I started this position. I will continue to hold onto this position. I could be wrong but I think today was a look into the window of the solar industry and the outlook in the short term is not great, meaning at least until the next quarter. See below for the update.  [more]

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