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motleyanimal (44.58)

April 2007



A 12 Year Old Castro Once Asked FDR For Money

April 29, 2007 – Comments (0)

I heard about this on a radio show today and just had to verify it. It seems that when Fidel Castro was 12 years old, he wrote this letter to Franklin D Roosevelt asking him for 10 dollars. Imagine how different things might have been if FDR had sent him the money.  Sure enough, this letter is in the National Archives. I wrote the text below from the letter.  [more]



Capitalist Vampires

April 19, 2007 – Comments (1)

A young niece is in her final year of high school and is beginning to learn what a "liberal" education is all about. Her instructor has persuaded her that capitalism is analogous with vampirism. It took me a little research, but I think I've found the source of this misguided notion: Annalee Newitz's "Pretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture."  After a short internal debate with myself, I finally decided that the best course I could take is to simply tell her the truth.  [more]



Doing Home Depot

April 16, 2007 – Comments (2)

It's warm today here in sunny Sacramento and so I decided to get some new plants for the garden.  [more]

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