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motleyanimal (36.75)

August 2007




August 28, 2007 – Comments (0)

Some of my best picks over the past few weeks have been closed end funds specializing in investment grade bonds and municipals. These have been beaten up as credit markets turned schizo, so they are often at a sizable discount to NAV. They aren't very exciting, but they are much more stable than the S&P, often pay nice monthly dividends, and for CAPS purposes, the S&P has been declining faster than these funds which will but you in positive territory solely on the rate of S&P decline. Check out my most recent picks for the past two days for an example. I have done the same thing in my real world accounts.  [more]



Where is my pencil?

August 25, 2007 – Comments (5)

I've been blogging for 6 months and still don't have that little pencil lucky charm.

Somebody get on this and report to me on Monday.



I'm with Cramer

August 05, 2007 – Comments (5)

Jim Cramer made a rather passionate plea to the Federal Reserve on Friday for them to reduce rates quickly, like next week, to provide some liquididty to our troubled credit markets. Although I tend to favor laissez-faire brand of market, I take exception here, and side with him wholeheartedly. The link to the video clip is below.  [more]

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