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March 2012



Stay on target... Stay on target (February)

March 03, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: D

This month, I added to my position of Dominion (the commission is factored into the price per share)

2/21/2012 – Dominion Resources at $50.62 / share

There actually was no commission, just a two dollar fee because I purchased these shares directly from the company (you can even do it online!).

Here is the overall performance of each of my picks (with the change from last month in parenthesis)
Dominion, +6.7 (up 0.7%)
Aflac, +33.8% (down 1.3%)
Flower Foods, +6.6% (up 3.2%)
Costco, +8.5% (up 5.2%)
CVR Partners, +16.1% (down 14.8%)
Apple, +39.3% (up 22.5%)
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, +8.6% (up 1.7%)
Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P., +64.53% (up 32.7%)
Vodafone, -3.2% (up 5.5%)
ExxonMobil, +2.0% (up 3.5%)

Unfortunately I was unable to post anything in February.  Although I didn't have time to post, one of my CAPS pitches did manage to inspire an article.  My job has been kind of crazy recently but don't worry, I'm working on a post that I hope to get up in a week or two.  I've also noticed, while reading my older posts, that some of the images I linked to have died.  From now on, I plan to host all of my own images rather than link to them to make sure the links remain reliable.

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