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October 2011



I knew you'd come back. I just knew it. (September)

October 20, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: UAN , AAPL

I've taken a little bit of a break from this blog and from investing.  It isn't due to a lack of enthusiasm nor is it from a dearth of great stocks to invest in.  Basically, my wife and I are having the windows on the house replaced and so I've focused our weekly investment allowance on these new windows.  So for the next couple months, I'm going to switch from "Stock of the Week" to "Stock of the Month" and make my picks less frequently.  Although I hope to blog as often as the spirit moves me.  
Let's recap what happened in September...

Here's what I bought (the commission is factored into the price per share):

09/02/2011 – CVR Partners @ $23.40 / share

09/09/2011 – Apple @ $390.95 / share

09/16/2011 – Brookfield Infrastructure Partners @ @ $27.62 / share

09/22/2011 – Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. @ $147.08 / share

Here is the performance of the stocks from my previous month (including dividends):
Dominion, up 6.8%
Aflac, up 14.3%
Flower Foods, up 3.4%
Costco, up 5.7%

Some highlights from September:

My story about ol' Dorthy Downer inspired TMFBiggles to introduce me to Scumbag Steve.  And in return, I introduced TMFBiggles to CVR Partners which has made it to his CAPS list as a green thumb and has earned him +2.29 points as of this post.  My pitch for UAN that I cribbed from my blog post got noticed and cited for an article!  As did the pitch I wrote for Flower Foods.
In my blog post about why I decided to buy Apple, I told a story about an old guy biting the dust.  Less than a month later, then Steve Jobs passes away.  And since then, I've decided to lay low.

Well, the last two months I've been able to live like a kid in a candy store, buying stocks week after week.  For the next several months, I'll have to show some restraint.  But don't worry:  I have some really exciting stocks on my watchlist and I still have a few great stories to bore you with.  [more]

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