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May 2011



Oregon Senator Reveals Secret Government Surveillance Grid

May 27, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , BA , AG

Left or Right it does not matter. Do you feel the rope around your neck getting tighter with each elected President? How will this affect the market? I do not know. I guess it should be on your outlook. May not invest in the companies that are doing this to us with the help (Cough with help like this I don't need) of the government. Do you feel safer now? Just think they take our Tax money to do this to us. Yeppers. Life is good.   [more]



Such a beautiful day.

May 18, 2011 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: AG , CORN , USO

When the world wobbles climate changes. Drought in Russia and Texas. Record rain in Mid East. Go long Grains.   [more]



New World Powers

May 07, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: SLV , AG , AUY

I bet you think this is a NWO post. Wrong.NWP New World Powers.  Someone did not like my last post about the coming food shortage and global riots and reported it as offense. Maybe it was because I had a Jewish person who became Christan talking about Jewish Zions and banking. Jews talking about Jews. Maybe it was because of the film about IVAC talking about how he had people telling him we are now Occupiers in Iraq and worse than Saddam. He thinks along with other vets that we should just get out. Maybe it was the film that showed Riots over food and jobs all over the world this last year and getting worse. Maybe it was because of the UN link where they are still going forward and in a few months for a world treaty on guns and maybe ammo. UN going after Syria now and Drone attacks in Yemen.The US Army went and blew the Levee's and now the farms are under water.  All news that is going on around the world and how it will affect sectors for trading. Not a stock but an area of which stocks you should look into. Well that was their choice and it is what it is. However that does not change the facts that these things are happening. Riots? Look into Prison Sector. More Dron's flying? Look for the makes of these machines and see if you want to invest in these stocks. No fly zones? Who makes the bombs. More wars? Boeing and Locked Martian. Sub contractors in Iraq. Who do they buy their supplies from and how can you profit. Flooding and Tornadoes? Short Insurance CO. and buy what will need to be replaced. Cars Trucks lumber pluming carpets and what not.  I am still staying with silver and oil for now. United Nations considering on putting boots on the ground in Libya and then sanctions Syria. All started with the turn coat Bush followed by turn coat Obama.  [more]



PM and general News around the world.

May 05, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SVL , AUY , GS

Old news.
IMF Prepares For "Threat To International Monetary System" Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/24/2011 19:20 -0400

BelgiumBen BernankeEuropean UnionGreeceInternational Monetary FundIrelandItalyLiquidity SwapsSovereign Debt

Back in April 2010, before Waddell and Reed sold a few shares of ES, effectively destroying the market on news that Europe was insolvent, we made the following observation: "The IMF has just announced that it is expanding its New Arrangement to Borrow (NAB) multilateral facility from its existing $50 billion by a whopping $500 billion (SDR333.5 billion), to $550 billion." Little did we know that our conclusion "something big must be coming" would prove spot on just a month later after Greece, then Ireland, then Portgual, and soon Spain, Italy, Belgium, and pretty much all other European countries would topple like dominoes tethered together by a flawed monetary regime. Well, based on news from Dow Jones we can now safely predict the following: "something bigger must be coming." As if the IMF's trillions in open lending facilities (many of which have recently been adjusted to uncapped) were not enough, we now learn that the world lender of last resort (which in theory is the Fed, but apparently Bernanke has been getting a little shy lately so is offsetting his direct lending directives to secondary organizations like the IMF, leaving the Fed with only USD liquidity swaps) is about to activate a "Special Funding Pool" - Dow Jones explains: "The International Monetary Fund is expected to soon activate a special funding pool that will boost the fund's ability to prevent or resolve economic crises, two people familiar with the situation said Thursday. One of the people said the activation of the funding--which can only be made by a special request from the IMF managing director to the board--was in anticipation of an expected wave of new IMF programs, including the possible expansion of the Greek bailout package." Wonderful. Global financial cataclysm rinse repeat all over again...  [more]



How is WW3 working for you.

May 05, 2011 – Comments (1)

I do not believe that it is time yet to buy into the Industrial Military Complex stocks yet. However for me it will be soon. 2 weeks or so. We are now into how many undeclared wars in the Middle East? Afghanistan Iraq Declared Libya  UN declared but not USA Declared. Pakistan drone hits and the going in to Pakistan to take out Bin Lauden. OK by Our President. Then we now have reported drone hits in Yemen. I am up to 5 country's so far declared and undeclared. Facebook Google and the State Department helping with the Turmoil in Egypt and all the other Arab country's. That is another 5 or so Country's there. Yep so around 10 now that we are involved with one way or another. Then we have the Flotilla going to Palestine in the next 2 week's to challenge the Israel blockade. Backed by the Presidents friends and I can't remember her name but 1 lady who works in the gov. with our Pres. Yep. May is proving to be very inserting.   [more]



Blow the levee.

May 03, 2011 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: SLW , AUY , AG

What would happen if they blow the levee? Hummmm..............flood the farmland and crops. Yep......... got to love may so far.   [more]



Six dollar gas just around the corner?

May 02, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: WLL , SVL , AUY

While we were not looking. Oh I would not say that just because they got Bin Laden does not mean that Obama won a second term. So much going on. Ok This is the spark that just might ignite the Middle East even more than all the others.I am grateful to my men and women who serve. Be careful. We celebrate yet I also believe that this mess in the Middle East is going to Explode. Prince William gets married and does not take a honeymoon? Goes back to work? Ops thinking out loud again. No if you think that all is well then oh god be with us. Look at what a burning of the Koran did. Look at what happened in Afghanistan. Will Bin Laden children let this go? Will his supporters? No. Open Bodres and an Alqueda book found on the border? Our north and south Borders are still open for the poor people who cross the border to work to pass through.  A different video to watch. Small lizard sparks big debate in NM, Texas  [more]

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