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lquadland10 (< 20)

July 2007




July 09, 2007 – Comments (3)

I don't care what people say about looks. OK, just because 1/3 of the country works on their feet which is how many million of people? Hotel workers,cooks,waitress,waiters,boaters,booksellers,lab techs,meat packing plants, chicken packing plants,auto plants,wild life workers. Children love this shoe and parents love the price as children's feet grow and they have to buy more. Now if that is not enough they now have a high end shoe that sells in Tiffany's for the fashion buyer including the people in England. Now add that in with the fact that they never took a patent out on the product but instead they have a secret ingredient like Coke so they never have to share, like when the patent expires. Then I look that they sell in 80 countries. 30% growth rate for the next 3 years.If this is just a FAD, then why not ride the FAD and make some money? This may  just not be a fad but a hidden gem. I am betting on hidden gem and if I am wrong then I will ride the so called Fad but eithor way I will make money.  [more]

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