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August 2010



The sound of Desperation????

August 20, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SVL , AUY , GLD

Fix interest rates at 3.25%. The fed now monetizing the debt. Tick Tock who has looked at the Debt Clock lately? Notice something. The fed a private corporation who is also part of the IMF is contracting credit and citizens are paying off debt. As we pay of the credit the banks can't grow. The banks need us to get into debt to grow. The nation dept is now about 13.35 trillion and the interest payment to the IMF is now about 1.9 trillion. Oh Washington do you hear me now. Mr. President and Congress you talk about the cost of the two wars and how we could do so much with that money. Let me suggest that you also look at the Interest payments to the IMF. How much more could we do with that money? Are you going to take away health care money from the poor instead of the rich to pay the interest payments? Now that you gave the industrial Medical and Insurance complex all that new money that you now say I the poor must pay then where is all this money going to come from? The debt to GDP is now about 94.45%. Not much wiggle room there. Unemployment has now reach official 14,583,254 unofficial 25,317,318 million people out of a work force of 138,855,954.So what is the real unemployment %. Over 41 million now on food stamps instead of the 35 million from 2 or less years. So for now another article for gold and silver. Corn and wheat. Things you can sell like gold and silver when you want to buy food and what not. You tell me there is no inflation as my food and up to now gas and health insurance and taxes go up. I call it inflation the FED does not. What will we do when we have to pay the Interest payments to the IMF. They will print more money to pay for it.   [more]



Memo to the CEO'S

August 20, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SVL , AUY , GLD

You are worried about the consumer. The consumer is all important. The consumer is what makes the economy go. Let me point out one little thing you forgot about the Consumer.   [more]

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