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December 2009



Dear CBO office

December 21, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SLV , AUY

Would you please do a finical analysis on the new bill that the Sennett just voted on. Please add in all the Changes they put in after they got the figures from you on the old bill. Then you can send it to me on my blog here at the Motley Fool or send it to all the New Agency's. I just don't believe that they are telling me the truth. I would like to hear it from the Horses mouth so to speak. Because of this I am still a gold and silver buyer. While I am at it I would like the IMF aka the FED write to me here or the News Agency's as to weather or not you look at the Interest rates we pay you as inflationary and if you look at taxes we are charged as inflationary. Inquiring minds would like to know. Now fools tell me more about this new currency they are talking about.  [more]



From my outerworld. Message to The Tea Baggers.

December 21, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SLV , AUY

Boy he gets almost everyone even Ronald Regan.Mc Cain Palain and more.  Then listen how good old BEN games the stock market again. We are on the path to recovery. The CFR has gotten all that they wanted. The downfall of the United States.   [more]



Dear China

December 17, 2009 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , AUY

Please stop buying our debt. Our Congress and the President and his finance advisers are spending like drunken sailors. Now as a concerned mother and bookseller I have a book for you to read. It is called  [more]



If we don't pass health care

December 15, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SLV , AUY , GLD

It is said if we don't pass healthcare people with Cancer will die because they don't have health insurance. What is not being said that If health care passes put your Cancer on hold pay up front for the insurance and maybe in 4 years you can use the insurance to treat your Cancer. No problem Congress and the President. IMO You are going to use the Money collected to make the National Debt come down. If you don't spend it between now and then. Oh would that be around election time? Oh don't look at the main reason health care like everything else is going up is because of the IMF aka the FED. Who iS NOT PART OF THE GOVERNMENT HAS DEVALUED THE DOLLAR SO MUCH IS IS ALMOST WORTHLESS.  [more]



Would this fall under the Fed or Treasury,Sec.

December 11, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

Nothing has changed over the last 4 years in housing. Would this be because of Obama's finical team the ex Goldman Sacs and Citi workers? Remember GS said they were doing GOD"S work. Fannie and Freddie will get stuck with No credit check or Social Security Number. A you powers wonder why we don't trust the Government or Wall Street? The smart consumer who comes into my store pay cash. Just look at advertizements. Yep this country is in good shape. Did Congress raise the Debt Cealing yet and to how much?
Obama Urges Homeowners to Refinance ($90,000 Refinance $489/mo) See Rates - No Credit Check Req. Refinance Now at 4.25% Fixed No hidden fees-4.4% APR! No obligation. Get 4 free quotes. No SSN req.  [more]



Head fake on Gold and Copper and Silver.

December 10, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

IMHO Rothschild is doing a head fake. Why you ask? Well lets see. More turmoil in the Finical Market. First. National Debt. 12,101,052,699,288 2. Debt to GDP 85.44133  3.Interest to Gangster FED aka IMF 1,800,757,430,702 and counting. That alone would lower health care cost. 4. 26,467,818 unemployed and counting. 5. Ben at the IMF no I don't see inflation. Oh no Ben. In one year my gasoline went up 50%. My food went up 25% and my taxes and interest on the Deficate went up 80%.  On what I make that is a 3250% increase to my income. 25 cent payraise does not go so far now does it. Hyperinflation is here and only going to get worse. Will someone please tell the truth. It still not the time to be complacent. We are still building houses in Iraq and School in Afganistan. It is ok the Oil companies will get their contracts in Iraq. IMO the Council of Foreign Relations are getting what they want. After all. Bush Clinton Bush/Chaney and Obama are or were Members. The council tells the Presidents past and present what they want and the Presidents do it. Then you have the GS and C bigwigs run the FED and Treasury and tell the President what to do. Yep we are in a good place. A rock and a hard place. What will they do next to ruin this country. Total debt per citizen from our government is 178,501 and the average income is 38,467. A mere 140,034 dollar difference in the hole for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I remain happy. I have a good roof now over my head and food in my tummy. Life is good. Merry Christmas.    [more]



Followup on Debt to GDP and dissing Alstry and others.

December 08, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

Abit Dwot and Alstry have been warning you. The national debt is now 85.37057. This coming year as I was listing to I can't remember her name Meradith Whitney???? She said the states and citys are under so much pressure. They are about 12% of GDP. If you take out what they add to GDP then this coming year Debt to GDP will be 97.37057% by my estamation. Not to mention how much more the National Debt will be and the Interest payments.  More for the troope surge but I want them all home. I am selfish that way.  More for unenployment Soon to be more for health care food and what not. A 50% increase in gasoline alone from last year and the FED sees no inflation. Ha HA Ha... Total US interest paid to FED is 1,778,727,847,728 and counting. The years budget is so far this year is 12,091,063,838,904. The numbers are flying. This american is taped out. The tree I was going to buy is going to buy 6 books for the USO that our store is partnering with this year. They will send a book over seas to our troups and they will read the book to their child as they make a DVD, Then they will send the book and DVD back to the child at home so Mom or Dad will be with them while they read. I have bought 30 books so far and now I can get 6 more. Children will have a part of their parent with them. The games I got at the first of the year on sale are going to the Marines Toys for Tots. Yipeeee I will have room in my livingroom again for a little while. All is good. Merry Christmas my fools. Thank you for helping me get through another year.   [more]



Thank you whomever and you still diss Alstry.

December 06, 2009 – Comments (15) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL , XOM

The US Debt clock now has the Actual unemployed back in. We are now setting at 26,467,374. Just about an 11,650,350 that the Government Does not report. Still say we are not in a Depression? You still diss Alstry and others? Well bring it on. The world is a changing fast. Interess paid so far this year. 1,776,605,250,250. Well is is going to get even wonkier from here on out.



OMG the third war we are fighting.

December 04, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

It is not talked about but our President is still allowing the CIA to used unmanned drones to target Alquadia and Taliban in Pakistani. The OMG is because I just realized what is happening. No wonder Pakistan is up in arms. No wonder Iran want's Nuclear and is saber rattling. Not to mention Israel threaten to bomb Iran. With the United States surrounding them in Afghanistan and Iraq with the United Nations. CIA invading Pakistan. Pakistan upset with India. Oh Rothschild hedge fund for the Vatican making money hand over fist. Then the Pope comes out and says we need peace on earth. A good cop bad cop gone to the max. Keeping Oil prices high on major fear because there is little demand. Yep only the New World Order and The Council of Foreign Relations and the Tri Lateral Partnership could set this one up. When reading the book the ART of War it became clear to me. Rothschild helped set Israel. One of the keys to help bible Revelations to come true. Is it real or just man made. I don't know but it is interesting to watch the players. I sitll like gold and silver. Oh and I am a woman on a mission. Make a comment so the MF will donate 10 cents to their holiday fund. Merry Christmas. Thank you my troups for serving so I can write blogs like this because you keep me free. I love you guys.   [more]



so let's see. The 2 wars will go on. Congress won't cut spending. Oh and lets run a new guess.

December 03, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL

I believe that before Dec. is over we will have paid 2 Trillion in Interest payments to the Banker/Gangsters. I am referring to the FED. You know the ones who wanted to be knowed as the FED because in 1912 the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND know the American People would not allow it. Thank you for telling me about the chain link I could not make it work. I figured it out. I had to highlight the link then the chain would work. Any way back on track. According to the US DEBT CLOCK............. drum roll please we are up to 1 trillion, 763,959...............  I am thinking one week at most. I hear panic in the government. End both wars. Cut Spending. Cut the Governments PAY. Vote 99% out. I still love RON PAUL and one or 9 others. I do not know who they are. Some call them RE FOUNDERS. Hey Congress why don't you tax the FED to Pay for your health care. Print the Silver Certificate Dollar that Kennedy authorized with executive order 11110. Hang on to your hats baby. It is going to get real wonky this next month. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Now I believe I will go and buy gold and silver while it went down again.   [more]



US Debt

December 01, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SLV , AUY , GLD

The us debt is now 12 Trillion,062,904..........The national interest rate is now 1 Trillion 753,6........... and climbing. 15,892,106 unemployed. And now including the under employed on food stamps is 37,764,529. My dr told me not to work 3 years ago. I did not listen. I am one of the best booksellers you will meet. I had to go to part time to keep my insurance for 3 years now. I qualify for food stamps but I will not take them. I am the working poor and I am having fun. I do with out. I stay independent. I can even buy some gold stocks. That makes me happy. Did you know that the interest per person is 5,697 per person. That is almost half of what I make a year. No wonder gold is gong so high. Go and check out the new look on the debt clock. Lots of new features but they still won't put in the unofficial unemployment. So for now I will start buying silver stocks. Any ideas on how  I can better prepare? Name some good stocks please.   [more]

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