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October 2009



Enjoying the roller coaster ride...

October 30, 2009 – Comments (8)

I find it humorous that the final trading day of the month, the day before Halloween, finds the fear index jumping up dramatically.  I also find it humorous that a bunch of bears come screaming to the front of the line calling for the end of all things bull.  But from this rookie's point of view, I see a low volume day on the final trading day of the month with a 2.5% pullback as just a function of the correction we have all been waiting on, folks out there taking profits and re-aligning their portfolios, and freaking out because the media says we should.  [more]



Typical...just when I am pleased with myself...

October 28, 2009 – Comments (3)

The market sure has a way of humbling a fellow.  I no sooner blog about being one of the little guys and how well I was doing as such, and the market decides to go on a bit of a corrective trend.  After a little forced rebalancing of my portfolio and a little de-leveraging to protect myself against what could turn even more ugly, I am now only up 13.5% on paper.  I have realized about a net of about 20% in gains over the year, so I am not overly disappointed.  BUT I do find it amusing how quickly the market can put you back in your place when you step up a little too much.  [more]



Curious about the little guys out there...

October 25, 2009 – Comments (12)

A while back, when I started blogging and following TMF, I read a reply that basically put down small investors or folks with very little money to trade with.  We were told that trading in such small amounts was a sure route to financial ruin and a good way to lose money.  I disagreed with that then and still do today.  [more]

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