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May 2011



May Bottomfest

May 20, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: PBTH.DL2 , CBIO , DCTH

The GBMB hasn't been very active of late. I recently bought 3000 shares of Celldex at 3.3 after a dilutive financing, my first foray into that stock. I sold my Vical shares (too early of course) and Myrexis, and my trigger finger is poised on Idera and RTI. Interestingly, despite the frothy market I believe several quality biotechs have fallen back into GBMB range.   [more]



First 2011 GBMB update

May 02, 2011 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: REGN , VICL , PYMXD.DL

The last couple of months have been very favorable for the GBMB, especially now that I have isolated the major weakness of the strategy – early selling. My first victory from correcting the strategy is Vical, where I resisted my usual inclination to sell for a $2000 profit and held out for $8700 a couple of months later. Of course, I might lose out on another $10000 but I won't cry over this one. I gave up on Myrexis with a small profit, but my cash/market cap imbalance was narrowing and the pipeline remained unimpressive. Alnylam I dumped wisely on an irrational burst on a weak quarterly PR and then bought again at a lower price. Earnings will come out again after the close today. And I put money down on a weird little OB company called PolyMedix whose price dropped way below my buy threshold on an oddly-timed dilutive financing. Their pipeline looks solid for a 50M cap but I've been fooled before (in CAPS only) by companies like Aryx and Altus. Time will tell.    [more]

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