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August 2012



Replacement For Bluegrass Lawns

August 13, 2012 – Comments (6)

The current drought has popped a thought up to the top of my mind that has occured to me before. Lawns are awfully water hungry. But most xeriscape looks like $(#(*$@. So anyone that finds something that looks and feels ok, but doesn't use much water should do pretty well on it. Over the long run, drinking water has to get scarcer, so something that cut water usage would be a winner. Especially for commercial and municipal landscaping, where really a lot of water gets used. There is an industrial park near work that has acres and acres of lawn that never gets used for anything. The amount of water used on it has to be staggering. And the cost of that water and mowing and fertilizer will just keep going up.  [more]

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