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January 2012



American principles of liberty, limited government and free enterprise

January 31, 2012 – Comments (6)

 House Republicans are once again talking about weighing down the tax relief bill with riders designed to force the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and block clean air standards. But, even these lawmakers seem to recognize the public won’t like their political maneuverings.... .... The language Republicans are touting to approve the pipeline was proposed by Representative Lee Terry (R-NE). Republicans describe the Terry language as giving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the power to decide whether the Keystone XL should proceed or not.

Let’s be clear. The Terry measure does no such thing.  [more]



Epic Winning Streak Ends.

January 01, 2012 – Comments (10)

We all recognize winning, and even more so winning streaks. Consecutive Super Bowls are rare. UConn's women's 90 win basketball streak is amazing. According to wikipedia, Jahangir Khan won 555 consecutive squash matches from 1981 unitl 1986.  [more]

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