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December 2006



Thank You to the Fools.

December 30, 2006 – Comments (0)

I made it. I made it into the top half of caps players. By less than half a point. And at least for tonight. By tomorrow I may be back to the bottom. In the weeks I've been playing I have made many of the mistakes the Fool warns about. Chasing the trendy stock, playing a hunch or a tip. I am glad it is not real money! But mostly I would like to thank my Favorites and all the other Fools who take the time to explain their picks and to Blog. Your tips and insights have helped me to see the mistakes I have made despite fair warnings from the Fool newsletters. Your game is a chance to gain some practice for a very low price, and it is also fun to play. So thank you to Eldrehead and DWP and Pencils2 and JCM56 and all the rest of you Fools. And please accept the flattery that it is, when I take your advice, your insights and your picks.  [more]

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