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February 2011



A Cynical Investment Idea: Profit From Australia's Misfortunes

February 23, 2011 – Comments (2)

I just came across an article which makes a pretty convincing case that there is still a massive housing bubble in Australia, which for some reason hasn't burst yet. It sounds like a ticking time bomb to me.  [more]



Rising Food Prices and the Revolutions in the Middle East

February 21, 2011 – Comments (11)

First, I want to say that I agree with the generally-accepted idea that rising food prices are a huge problem for places like the Middle East, because the cost of food represents a large percentage of the average person's income in those countries. And I believe that food prices may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, in the sense that they acted as a catalyst for the uprisings that are now taking place. This certainly was not the only catalyst, but still a significant one.  [more]

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