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December 2010



Babo bust

December 04, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: T , MHS.DL , AVT

Searching for underperform picks, my selection of 10 Bullishbabo recent smallcap underperforms went down the toilet - faster than a vortex on steroids. I've recently replaced Babo's picks with the S&P 1 star strong sells in the underperform category.  The combination of S& P 1 star strong sell (underperform) & 5 star strong buy (outperform) continues their remarkably linear over performance of the S&P 500.  Based on my previous blog, my CAPS versus S&P 500 1 year forecast for the S&P 1 & 5 star picks is in the plus 45 percent range.  S&P currently uses a steep bell curve and rates 100 stocks in the 1 & 5 star categories with 2000 others rated 2, 3, & 4 stars.  I've got a feeling that the Motley Fool star bell curve isn't steep enough.  The other issue with the Fool picks is that they rate everything - which sounds nice, but won't make you money. I own all of my picks.   [more]

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