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November 2011



Case for Regulation

November 16, 2011 – Comments (8)

...Economists have confused jobs offshoring with free trade. However, jobs offshoring is not trade at all. It is labor arbitrage. Free trade theory is based on comparative advantage. Labor arbitrage is the pursuit of absolute advantage. Profits resulting from jobs offshoring raise questions about economic theory’s justification of profit maximization. Theoretically, profits are justified, because they are evidence that resources were efficiently used in producing consumer satisfaction and are a measure of the economic welfare of the society. This conclusion no longer holds when profits are produced by rendering a country’s work force unemployed. Offshoring separates consumers from the incomes and careers associated with the production of the goods and services that they consume. The profits from offshoring reflect the economic welfare of the foreign country. Therefore, the edifice that economists have built that justifies market capitalism as the deliverer of economic welfare to society no longer stands.   [more]



It's the WOA, Stupid!

November 05, 2011 – Comments (1)

Bill Moyers chimes in:  [more]



"Shuddup, I'm Italian, this is what you do. ...

November 04, 2011 – Comments (0)

Don't disrespect me, I'll get cousin Vinny to break your shins! :)  [more]

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