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January 2011



Almost ready to short...

January 27, 2011 – Comments (3)

Added some short ETFs to Caps portfolio.  I have not added shorts in real life however as the trend hasn't turned that way quite yet.  We could be setting up for a last gasp bull run, however, and if that happens the subsequent drop will be more severe.  Any run up here is short term imho.  We will see a 20-40% correction this year in my opinion as it appears that the gov'ment is running out of powder- unless of course it decides to explicitely back high inflation as a "rememdy."  Dear Gov'ment, I (we?) prefer deflation even if that means lower asset prices for a few years.   [more]



Chaoda Modern Agriculture (

January 13, 2011 – Comments (0)

I have a conflict here because I just bought a little bit of it.  However, you might want to du some du diligence.  Start here:



Conventional Wisdom and an Unhealthy Outcome

January 05, 2011 – Comments (5)

Conventional wisdom in the financial industry seems to be that we are in a bull market, induced by government, and that the rally will sustain for another quarter or two or three then we will get a run of the mill correction.  So, what will really happen?  That's a big question, loaded like an elephant gun heading out on safari (yeah I know not PC, but a great analogy).   [more]



2010 Review & The Great Retrenching

January 03, 2011 – Comments (2)

(To see charts and better formatting click here.)   [more]

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