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August 2009



Auto insurance investing

August 24, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: MCY

Mercury insurance worked hard to undercut other insurance companies and get a large percentage of California’s insurance business. Like many publicly held companies their stocks did very well while they were growing. It seems the growth is over. Like most companies when the growth stops investors have little reason to invest. They have one teaser that may tempt investors and that is their dividend. Their dividend is higher then most companies and everyone likes dividends, it’s like free money. For a small investment of only $35,000 you can get a dividend of  $2,300 per year. If their stock price goes up then at least on paper you make money on the stock. Sounds good as long as the stock does not loose value. If the stock goes down 7% then you have lost more then the dividend gave you.  [more]



Office Depot if they go bankrupt

August 13, 2009 – Comments (4)

[This is part of a SEC filing for ODP, has anyone read it?

It has sentences that take up more then a page buried 14 pages down, so I figure they were trying to hide something. ]  [more]



Bad July in so ca, were is everyone

August 06, 2009 – Comments (5)

7th is coming up, all my contacts confirm a bad July, if the dow is going to hit 10000 in jan and 10500 in march, 9600 would be as close as we should get at this time. A good drop would let the sideliners in. I'm going short on over priced stocks and am still heavy on ge, reducing my Ford (made 300+%) reducing bac (made 300%) and have cash and a short on stocks that I think were only here because of investors not sales. What I don't know is were is everybody, we are not seeing customers, are they all on vacations that are off the radar? Where are they? Are they waiting for summer to end and come out and spend ? Were is the report to show were everyone disappeared to. All my Contacts can’t find em.  [more]



Every Other Month Theory

August 01, 2009 – Comments (4)

Virtual every business, contractor, sales person that I deal with say that every other month is slow. It is very frustrating to have a fairly good month (compared to the end of last year and the month of February) then have a bad month. It’s up then down, not just up and down but, up enough to think things are really good and just as you thinking things are good, the rug gets pulled out and it’s the end of the world all over again. I can not express how hard it is to plan for the future when the direction changes 180 degrees every 30 days.   [more]

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